A Return to Roleplaying; Guild Free

Its been over three weeks, it seems, since I last got a chance to sit at a game table. It has been a weird little break, since real life obligations sometimes pull us away from the table.

Have been mulling a lot over where to take the Startreader storyline in this period. I have batted some interesting ideas around, even thought about incorporating some elements from a book I have been working on a bit. I am kind of wondering how some of them would pan out.

Also, found myself guild-less recently. Not that I did anything wrong, exactly. I just found that the guild I was in had become pretty dead in short order. The Guildmaster was more or less KIA, people were joining and then vanishing, and the only guildee I saw much of in my travels was my wife, and considering we play together, that isn’t as much of an accomplishment as one might think.

Good news, though. I finished up Act 2 of the Imperial Agent story. Got another character up to level 53. I plan on putting up some character sheets on both of them, plus putting up some ‘not-exactly-pertinent to Bioware’s TOR” fiction involving the both of them. Might be fun. I am sure the Chiss Asekio, or my thuggish Sith Warrior could get themselves into a lot of trouble in their own, special ways.

We will see where pen and imagination take things. Until then, maybe I will get to roll some dice, bust some heads, and do the whole Barbarian thing again.



A Return to The Old Republic

One of my activities of late has been indulging once again in an MMO. When TOR was first announced, I quickly put in a pre-order, and played for a couple of months beyond that. After that point, I got wrapped up in other games- such as Star Trek Online, and left the game for some time.

With the building anticipation of The Force Awakens approaching, I found myself thinking back to the Old Republic. Since TOR had went to Free to Play some time ago, I piddled around with the game for a while, and found myself getting back into the swing of things. A subscription shortly followed. after a bit of poking and prodding to get my wife to join with me.

Since then, I have been having a blast. There is certainly something enjoyable about playing a thuggish Sith Warrior, or a Bond-esque Imperial Agent. Over a few weeks, I brought my first character on a new server to level 50, and followed up my Warrior by rolling a Chiss Agent: Asekio.

With two solid characters, a new guild, and a companion to quest with, I set forth to make my mark on Jedi Covenant.

Old Stories with Old Friends

One of the thing that I have been first considering putting onto this blog for your consideration are a collection of old stories that I wrote in the past. Most of it is kind of rubbish writing, but I figure that it might be worth a chuckle or two to some of you kind folks. I figured I would start by posting up one of the very first of my ‘good’ little narratives from back a few years ago: “Cold Reception”.


Welcome to my little corner of the internet.

Be sure you wipe your shoes on the rug just outside the door please.

No, but seriously, I do want to thank you for coming and checking out my little blog. I am a very novice campaign writer of sorts. Well, it would be better to say that I am a novice writer. I have been writing off and on for some time, but it wasn’t until recently that I began bringing things together into a coherent whole. I would have a little story here, or a little narrative there. The trouble I always ran into was that I very rarely managed to come up with anything I was very happy with here.

So, I eventually figured that I might share some little tidbits here and there, just for the fun of it. A lot of my work is not necessarily stuff that will see the light of this blog- either because of its quality, or lack therein. Some other things on here may be parts of personal little campaign worlds I am working on at the time- an encounter here or a scenario there. Sometimes, it might just be a random little musing, or an off-the-cuff thought.

Well, in any case, I hope that some of you will enjoy what you read here.